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Three little things which make your social media look unprofessional

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Is unprofessional the right word here? Partly, yes. But it’s more than that – there are a few little “tells” which undermine the credibility of your social media streams from

Buying followers for social media: the Pros and Cons

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Buying followers for social media: the Pros and Cons, and what you need to know
Companies selling instant Follower or Liker boosts have been around almost since the dawn of social

Should you outsource your social media presence?

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So, obvious upfront declaration: we offer managed social media as an organisation, so we’d expect you to take this article with a “you would say that” – and that’s just

UK Social Media User Statistics for 2019

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Hi, and welcome if you’ve not visited our site before – with the number of stats-hunters coming our way every year, it’s probable that you haven’t. We don’t do annoying

Instagram Micro-Influencers: what they are, and how they might help your business

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Influencer Marketing has been around for a while, but hasn’t typically been something that the smaller businesses we work with have been involved with. With the rise of Instagram, in