Is it time to be more honest on social media?

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A report in the Telegraph today discusses how Twitter and Facebook has been found to increase anxiety and feelings of inadequacy amongst users.

If you’re active on social media either

What’s wrong with discussing your lunch on Twitter?

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There was widespread media coverage yesterday of  MP Louise Mensch’s launch of “Menshn”.

Apparently positioned as a rival to Twitter, Ms Mensch’s business partner explained their thinking behind the project:
“Twitter is

Spoof “Social” campaign raises Arctic awareness

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Doing the rounds of the Twitterverse this morning is a link to a site masquerading as a Shell corporate initiative.

It’s cleverly done, with convincing links to various corporate-looking sections which

How complicated is social media, really?

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Well….this complicated. (click to enlarge, you’ll need to!)

The slide, produced by Buddy Media, documents most of the sites and areas which would be involved in a really comprehensive social media

Employers asking for Facebook passwords? Madness

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So, there are reports from the US of employers requesting job applicants’ social networking passwords as part of their vetting process. This is one of those stories which really makes