What’s wrong with discussing your lunch on Twitter?

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There was widespread media coverage yesterday of  MP Louise Mensch’s launch of “Menshn”.

Apparently positioned as a rival to Twitter, Ms Mensch’s business partner explained their thinking behind the project:
“Twitter is

How to use #followfriday properly to build your business

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For those not familiar with it, the #followfriday hashtag, or #ff for short, is a longstanding Twitter tradition.

Originally, it was a way to help people find new and interesting accounts

How to use Twitter for a business

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Why use Twitter for business?
The UK user base for Twitter is growing every day. Every time you see one of the huge Saturday night TV shows (X Factor, The Voice,

Who’s using Twitter, where and what for? Latest 2012 stats

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Great new infographic from Infographic labs – with some nice info about what makes people ReTweet. Interesting that incentives come only slightly above retweet requests – so if in doubt,

Should I use Twitter?

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We know it can be tricky to decide whether Twitter is a good place to invest your business’s time and energy.

Well, you could sit down and do a little thinking