UK social media statistics update

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Research firm Neilson has recently released a new set of figures around social media takeup and usage in the UK.

The headline is that social media in the UK continues to

Are you missing out on business referrals through Twitter?

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Today we’re looking in detail at one aspect of using Twitter to grow your business:  gaining referrals through networking.

There is a LOT of business networking done on Twitter.

Face to face

Auto-feeding Twitter to your business Facebook page? Well, don’t.

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There are lots of automated or semi-automated tools out there which, on the face of it, will help busy employees save time on the management of their social media

Should you delete that Tweet?!

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We liked this fun flow chart from Daniel Dumas at Wired, for exploring that all important question, “did i just screw up big time on Twitter?….”!

Gibberish alert  -we’re also validating

Is your Twitter account worthless?

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In the last couple of weeks, we’ve had a few prospective clients approach us with something along the lines of “We already have a great Twitter presence, but we think