Want to get a head start on Facebook?

Facebook is a fantastic marketing and communications tool for businesses, and getting your Facebook Business Page set up is the first step to harnessing its potential.

But: knowing your way confidently around the Page and its functions, and even more crucially, having a basic strategy in place as to how you expect Facebook to benefit your business? That's a different matter.

That's why our Facebook Page Setup service is different. Yes, we'll set up your page to look professional from the word go, and make sure that everything is optimised for you - for example, to make it as likely as we can that your Page will show up when a potential customer searches for you on Facebook.

But in addition, we also provide you with a basic training and strategy session with one of our social media experts - FREE.

Expert support and advice to get you started

With every Page we set up, we provide an hour’s remote support – one to one. Without having to install anything on your machine, or get access to your Facebook account or any other private stuff, we can share our screen with you live, and talk you through making best use of your new Page.

That one to one session covers:

  • All the basic functions of your Page, including the Admin menus and technical settings
  • PreScheduling posts to go live when you’re busy, and how to manage customer comments and questions

Specific, tailored advice for YOUR organisation:

A nightclub will need to take a different approach to Facebook than an Accountant – and vague “write interesting posts!” advice isn’t very helpful. Taking into account who your audience are, we also help you with:

  • Techniques you can use to build up an audience for your page – it’s not worth anything if nobody is seeing your Posts!
  • The kind of topics you might post about, and how to get your messages across effectively in a way that’s appropriate for Facebook

Plus any other questions you might have, time permitting. And there’s always the option to purchase additional support time at just £40 per half hour.

All for less than many companies charge for basic setup!

We’re currently charging just £175 for this service. It’s something we’ve just introduced, at customer request, so we can’t guarantee that this won’t go up in future – but of course any orders taken at this price will be honoured.

How do we do it? Well, we’re a small agency working efficiently and without expensive office overheads. Our margins are smaller. And we really love working with small businesses and seeing them on the right road to using Facebook well – which we know from experience can make a HUGE difference to your bottom line.

Yes, I want to get cracking! What do I do next?

You can find all our contact details here: Contact Us.

If you’re sending us an email about this, it really helps us if you can put “Facebook Page Setup” in the subject line, and let us have a brief description of your business, your name and your contact details. If you have a preferred time of day for us to contact you, that too – we’ll do our best to get back to you at a convenient time.


The small print:

What you see is absolutely what you get with this service, but we do have to rely on you for a few things in order to do our work.

In order to set up your page, we will require a small amount of information, and some images, from you. If you are not able to provide us with the images as specified, we can still set up your page but it won’t look as great as we’d all like.

If you need help preparing your images, we charge an additional fee of £35-70 for that depending on the amount of work required.

We also ask for a 50% deposit before we start work, and the balance to be paid either before your support session (in which case we will transfer ownership of the Page to you during that session) or immediately afterwards, in which case we will transfer ownership of the Page to you as soon as the payment is recieved by us.