The Rose McGrory Managed Social Media service

At any one time, we have a handful of managed service customers, where we take care of their social media presence as part of their team.

It’s only a handful for three reasons.

Firstly, because we need to be “in the mindset” of representing each organisation authentically, and that’s impossible to do if we’re switching between dozens of businesses every day.

Secondly, because we believe that most of the time, the people best placed to do a great job of social media are within the company – particularly if it’s very small. So where we take on management clients, it’s often with a view to them taking over for themselves in the longer term.

Thirdly, because effective social media outsourcing demands a really good relationship between the customer and the provider. Both sides need to have a clear understanding of what’s being done and why, and we need regular input from you as the client. And as we’re going to be talking quite a lot, it’s important that we can work as a team.

If you’re considering outsourcing your social media, please read our Blog article Are you begging for a cowboy social media provider? before you go any further.

Looking for a quote to outsource your Social Media?

So as not to waste your time (and ours!) there are a few things to say upfront before we will provide you with a quote.

  • You need to be prepared to remain actively involved with your social media presence.  That doesn’t mean you need ever touch the actual social media accounts, but it DOES mean that you are prepared to keep us well informed with developments in your business and industry, and engage actively with the ongoing strategy.
  • You need to be working to at least a high level strategy – have a clear understanding of why you are, or are not, using each social media platform; who you are hoping to target; what messages you want to get across to them; and if there’s anything specific you’re looking for as a measureable outcome, what those things are.
  • We are not a “bargain basement” supplier. There are many companies out there who will “do” your social media for peanuts; they may or may not deliver anything which actually supports your business goals and your brand image. Our absolute minimum monthly fee is £750, because we put a significant baseline of time into understanding your business even before we create a single social media post. We also don’t hire junior marketers or outsource content creation – your accounts will be taken care of by experienced, senior staff.  That isn’t vital for all businesses, so if you’re looking for the cheapest possible option, please talk to our competitors instead :)

If you already have a strategy and outline tactical plan (IE, an idea of the level of activity and whether you or we will be responsible for each element of achieving that) then we’d be delighted to let you have a quote for outsourcing your accounts – just send it over to us.

If you are starting from scratch with social media and you do not have a strategy,  we can’t give you a quote.  We’d be very happy to arrange one of our social media strategy sessions for you,  and at the end of that you’ll have an outline strategy – which sites would be best for you to use and why; who your target audience are, whether you need to segment them, and how you’re going to reach them; and what kind of content you’re going to need.  Once that is done, you’ll be dealing with potential outsource providers from a much more educated position! We can then provide you with a quote based on your strategy – and of course you can use it to get other quotes too. If you’re already up and running, that may not be necessary because we can begin with replicating your current activity, but of course we’ll still need to sense check the strategy with you.

We can also offer regular reporting of key metrics to help you monitor the growth of your social media presence, and we’ll keep you advised of new developments, platforms and techniques to ensure that you stay ahead of the competition; we can also advise on, specify, design run social media advertising campaigns for you.

What we won’t do, is offer you a “one size fits all” £x-per-month package, regardless of whether we think it’ll benefit your business.

If that sounds like the right approach for you, we’d love to have a chat. Give us a call on 03303 500 929*, or email
*local rate call, 03 numbers are included in mobile inclusive minutes