Hello!  We are a small, friendly and practical Social Media agency based in East London.

You might be an SME, Sole Trader, Charity, Corporate or Local Authority  {see who we’ve worked with in the past}.

If you’re looking to demystify Social Media, understand  how it could help you (and where it can’t), or get some private training which is tailored to your environment, you’re in the right place.

If you’ve dabbled with a digital agency in the past, you’ll see the difference from your very first conversation with us. We don’t do jargon, smoke and mirrors, or hype, and we actively welcome a skeptical approach to “how all this is going to work”!

Who are you?

To save you time, we’ve split the services we offer by the client type they’re most often suited to. Just click below to find out more about what might help you.

For Sole Traders and Small Businesses

Need a simple strategy, some basic training, or help getting set up? We know time and money are both tight but don't let that stop you - social media can help you punch above your weight.

A helping hand on a sensible budget

For Larger businesses and Corporates

We can help your staff get up to speed with social media, clarify an existing strategy, understand the latest tools or start working with more advanced social media techniques

Bespoke support for your team

For Third and Public Sector organisations

Your people will get on board with social media much faster if they can see how Social Media can help them achieve their goals. We understand the public sector environment and the approach you need

Experience in your environment

Recent Blog Posts:

We write regular articles for this site, and have appeared in the national media providing help and advice.

Reading some of our blog posts is a great way to get a feel for our approach!

  • Virtual Reality marketing for your business

Virtual Reality and your corner shop: marketing lessons from the Pokemon Go craze

Pokemon Go is the latest technology sensation, with the Web awash with stories of record downloads and obsessive players.

It’s the first mainstream example of integrating the “real world” with a highly addictive game; Google Map-derived

  • Social Media Is Not A Tool

A reminder: Social Media is not a “marketing tool”!

There’s no let up: the “10 ways to get 20,000 Instagram followers” articles are replacing the same ones for Twitter, advocating similar techniques. A whole new batch of small business owners and marketers are being

  • Twitter advertising feature image

Case Study: Twitter advertising for a small business

Can you get clear results from Twitter advertising if you’re a small business? You certainly can, but that’s not to say you definitely will. We’ve been working with Twitter advertising for a while now, and

  • awful-sm-companies

Why are Social Media Companies so awful on Twitter?

OK, let’s lay it out: this one’s going to be a rant. Mostly. There hasn’t been a rant for quite a while, and that’s a lot of keeping it in.

Today’s Ginger Stepchild (apologies to gingers;