Looking for help with Social Media Marketing for your business?

A strong presence on the Internet is one of the best assets any organisation can have. It will give you more visibility than any other form of marketing – and that’s true whether you’re a local restaurant, a national charity or a global online store.

At Rose McGrory, we work with organisations who want to maximise the impact of Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Pinterest and more, to support their business goals.

Do you want to increase your profile? build better relationships with customers? reach a new customer base? Reduce your print marketing costs? All of those and more are very achievable.

What we do:

We are a specialist social media and digital marketing agency. Simply speaking, we can help you identify which social media sites to focus on and develop an effective strategy for each; teach you how to use your chosen sites effectively and efficiently; or deliver a campaign or managed social media presence on your behalf.

Social media training

We provide tailored social media training for businesses and the third sector. Unlike most providers though, this is not about sitting in a classroom for a standard course: your training will be unique and tailored to your business environment.

We work with you to design training which meets your needs perfectly, whether you need help with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogging or developing a complete social media strategy and execution plan.
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Social media consultancy

Social Media Consultancy can help you understand how social media works and how it relates to your organisation. We also offer our popular Social Media Sensecheck package; this helps businesses evaluate in detail how (or if!) social media will work for them, and what the resource, time and cost implications are of committing to social media marketing.
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Social media management & campaign delivery

If you don’t have digital marketing resource in-house, we also provide outsourced social media management and development, either for the long term or a one-off social media campaign.
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Full-service online marketing

A lot of elements go into a great online presence and we can help with all of them – or know someone trustworthy who can. If you need to update your website to something more contemporary and easy to manage, want a customised Facebook page, need to sort out your search engine optimisation or integrate better with your  “offline” marketing – we can help with those too.

What’s special about us?

Understanding our clients is key to our approach. Just because our specialism is the online world, that doesn’t mean you should have to spoon feed us about yours.

Our team all have strong commercial backgrounds and have worked in a range of sectors, so we know what questions to ask to get to the heart of what you do, and ensure that everything we suggest or do for you is effective and practical.

Marketing is about creativity and we find we’re at our most creative when we’re enjoying ourselvesYou probably do, too. We don’t do “wacky” (we’re all past the bean bags on the office floor stage, yes?!) but we do like to laugh, and are often complimented on how painless our training and consultancy sessions are.

Ultimately, nothing makes us happier than demystifying the world of online marketing for a manager or business owner, and seeing them understand how the building blocks work and start putting them to
effective use.

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Learn more about us: here’s the lowdown on our company ethos and approach; or take a look at our blog, where we cover a wide variety of tips, issues and “How Tos” about working with social media


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