Links posted on Facebook are about to get messier…. here’s how to fix them

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Facebook’s Custom Link modification function is about to go away.
If you’re creating Facebook content which includes a link, and suddenly find that the options to edit the automatically generated preview

What is LinkedIn?: The basics for businesses

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Last week, Claire presented to members of the Cambridgeshire chamber of commerce on the subject of social media and its implications for HR professionals.

Of all the social media platforms, it

Twitter advertising for UK Small Businesses is here!

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Up until a few weeks ago, if you clicked on the UK Twitter business centre links to enquire about advertising and then admitted to a budget of less than $5,000

That new social networking site – Do you need it?

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(We’re definitely in with the Beanie – are you guys?!)

Hardly a month goes by without “the next big thing” in social networking being launched. It seems only yesterday that Quora