Five Cheap Facebook Tricks (that audiences sometimes love….)

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This post is coming to you courtesy of inspiration from the funniest and most feared (by marketers) page on Facebook – Condescending Corporate Brand Page.

They do a great job of

How not to use a QR code

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What’s a QR code again?

Just to recap: QR codes are those square, usually black-and-white, barcode-style graphics you sometimes see on marketing materials these days.

You install a QR code reader app

If this sounds familiar, you might need to hire a new agency!

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We’ve long been huge fans of Perfect Curve, the fictitious PR and digital agency featuring in BBC2’s fantastic spoof Olympics documentary Twenty Twelve.

From the narcissistic hipster renderings of their logo

Pinterest success for service companies: an experiment

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A couple of weeks back, we wrote about Pinterest and how to decide if it’s right for your business. One of the issues we mentioned was that Pinterest is a

Should I use Twitter?

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We know it can be tricky to decide whether Twitter is a good place to invest your business’s time and energy.

Well, you could sit down and do a little thinking