Virtual Reality and your corner shop: marketing lessons from the Pokemon Go craze

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Pokemon Go is the latest technology sensation, with the Web awash with stories of record downloads and obsessive players.

It’s the first mainstream example of integrating the “real world” with a

When is a Twitter hack not a Twitter hack?

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Just a quick one today on the lessons to be learned from this week’s reports on Jeremy Corbyn’s “hacked” twitter account.

As ever, the media were quick to throw around terms

Infographic – the state of social media in 2013

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As you know we’re not always fans of infographics here, but this one has some really useful facts and figures, plus a good visual summary of how fast things can

3 reasons you shouldn’t quit Social Media in 2013

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A recent article in the (generally excellent) Forbes online has been doing the rounds in our Twitter timeline, giving three reasons for going cold turkey on social media. We’re not