Personal Executive Social Media Coaching, for high profile individuals and senior professionals

Are you worried,  irritated or confused by Social Media?

Feeling as though you need to catch up, but wishing you didn’t have to?


Personal Social Media Coaching


As well as working with businesses, we specialise in helping individuals and high profile figures get comfortable with (and even excited by!) using Social Media.

We’ve worked with leading lights from Architecture, Journalism, the Arts and other fields, showing them what social media is really all about, and how it can benefit them and enhance their profile.

Our Personal Coaching is designed for people who need to use social media in a personal capacity (as against running a corporate type presence) as part of their professional work and profile.

“Oh you really MUST be on Twitter…..!”

Almost without exception, our clients come to us with some degree of negativity towards social media. They were sick of being told “you must do this!”, and had a healthy scepticism about how getting involved with Twitter /Facebook / any other site was going to do anything except eat into their already pressured schedule.

If that’s you, we really can help.

In a few friendly, informal one to one sessions, we’ll show you in simple terms what you need to know. What’s hype, what’s myth, what’s just noise – and how to ignore all that and focus on exactly how social media can connect you with an audience, customer base or peer network more powerfully (and easily!) than you realise. 

By stripping out the hype and focusing on the sites that are relevant to your field, and exactly how they work both technically and psychologically from a user’s perspective, social media stops being a vague and intimidating challenge and becomes a simple tool to be exploited.

All our personal coaching is done by one of our Directors, so you’ll be working with a likeminded senior professional at all times.

And of course, we can be as discreet as you require. We maintain absolute confidentiality about who we’re working with, unless you’ve given specific permission otherwise.

Executive Coaching is also available for professionals who feel that they’ve “missed the boat” on getting a working knowledge of social media and that they may be at a disadvantage because of that. It’s also helpful for Entrepreneurs or senior Communications executives who’ve perhaps not used social media heavily in the past, but find themselves needing to direct a team or outside agency, or just talk credibly about social and the online space generally.

How does the social media coaching work?

First, you need to get in touch – drop us an email with a brief outline of your situation, or call if you prefer.  Once we understand what you do, you’ll get immediate guidance about which social media sites would most benefit you, and how we can help.

Send us an email now....

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A phone chat with one of our Directors follows, after which we’ll provide you with a suggested outline for your training session – and of course, confirmation of costs – see below for more about what we charge.

At that point you have a feel for how we work, and can decide whether or not you’d like to go ahead with the work.

On the day of the session, we come to you, so that you’re working with your own PC or laptop in a familiar environment – and don’t have to waste time travelling.

It’ll be painless...

Often when people get frustrated or stressed by social media, it’s because they’ve become a victim of the hype. A “build it, and they will come” mentality in the media suggests that setting up a Twitter account is a shortcut to an audience of thousands – but any critical thinker will question whether that can be real, and if so, whether it can actually be of any value.

A feeling that “everyone else knows it” and that you’re miles behind your peers, is also common – and usually less true than you think.

Once you understand the basics of social media – what the point of each site is, why people use it and what they might want from you – a sensible, logical and often quite simple strategy will emerge. And once you’ve made sense of that, the “doing” is relatively easy.

We can advise you on anything related to the online world; if you need some background knowledge on how search engines work, or why you might want to set up a blog, we can cover that too.

Some areas we might cover:

    • What’s the point of Social Media?


    • How do the economics work – are you the customer or the product?


    • Is Social Media a good fit for your specific personal or professional goals?


    • Which sites would work best for you, and how do you find relevant people there?


    • What should you be “putting out there” and why?


    • Privacy – what you can and can’t control”

A couple of comments from our clients:

“The course was sensational and so informative. I really learnt a lot and enjoyed it greatly. Kate you were brilliant…. so professional and getting the mood and the level perfectly right when you talked to us, especially someone like me who is not very IT literate.”
Gerard Basset OBE, International award-winning Sommelier and co-founder, Hotel du Vin Group
“The coaching was at exactly the right level, and understood what I didn’t “get”! It was also excellent value for money. I have already recommended it to someone and will to others”
Lalage Beaumont, Womenswear Fashion Designer


Almost everyone we work with comments that they were pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable they found the coaching, and being able to ask all those “dumb” (they’re not!) questions in a one to one setting. We’re not at all offended by “well, that wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected“!

We’re so confident in the quality of our training that we offer a money back guarantee, if the sessions aren’t 100% relevant to you. Which leads us to…

Personal Social Media Coaching costs

Our costs take into account the time it’s going to take to put together a personalised, highly relevant session for you, plus the time we’ll need with you to deliver the training. These costs will vary depending on what you do, and where you’re starting from in terms of general IT skills and experience with the social media sites, which is why we ask you to get in touch and allow us to give you a no-obligation quote.

Having said that, we know you’d rather have an idea of costs before taking time to talk to us! So, a typical session covering one social media site would cost from £350, and two sites from £450.

Please note, it’s only viable for us to offer personal coaching in the Central London area.