Finding your voice: Can a company ever be social?

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We’ve written before about the fact that the cultural challenges of addressing social media are, for most larger companies, far greater than the technical issues. This was something which came

Writing for social media

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If you’re creating written social media content for an organisation, one of the biggest challenges is getting the “tone” right.

Conveying your message creatively requires a completely different approach to writing

How to spot a Twitter or Facebook hoax

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(Learning for today: “hoax” is one of those words that looks increasingly wrong, the longer you look at it. Go on, try it….see?!)

Hoax posts or tweets are increasingly common, and

Is user education now a key part of marketing?

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Back in the day, we put our adverts in the local paper or on TV, and the call to action was simple. Pick up the phone. Look at a website.

Buying Twitter Followers / Facebook Fans: Does it work?

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Twitter followers and Facebook Likers for sale?

The thriving underground economy around buying Twitter followers and Facebook Likers was highlighted recently during the US elections, when Mitt Romney’s Twitter base expanded