I have just read a great blog and thought I would pass it on in order to inspire others. Here, Matt Rednor, Senior Strategist at Mr Youth takes us through his Top 5 Social Media Campaigns of 2010.

What I like is that the campaigns that Matt features range from worldwide brands, such as Old Spice, through to individuals, such as the major who used Twitter to help local residents through a snow blizzard. I think that shows how social media can work brilliantly for a variety of businesses.


With social media moving so quickly, I am sure that 2011 will present even more innovation. We will make sure we continue to pass ideas on.

I would strongly recommend that you have a read of Matt’s blog and use this new year period to have a think about what could be done for your business. What is the most interesting thing about your business? What would you love people to know about?

Take a look at the blog here and see what you think …