It’s being reported today that fraudsters have jumped on the opportunity to take advantage of the world’s sympathy for the horrific events in Japan, with record speed.

Social media and other online communications channels are being exploited, with the disaster is being used as a “hook” to draw in the unwary for a range of criminal activities. These range from malicious links on Facebook to email hoaxes and  fake donations sites. (Yeah, we agree. It’s amazing how situations like this bring out heroes and total scum in roughly equal numbers…)

Please  be warned, but don’t let this put you off of helping! Below are some links to legitimate UK based  aid sites.

If you use your business’s Twitter account or Facebook page to promote these (or even just Tweet this post), you’ll be helping to crowd out the scammers as well as guide people to safe sites where they can donate:

The Disasters Emergency Committee facebook page is a great starting place if you want information about which agencies / charities are active in Japan.

Their website also  includes direct links to these appeals: Red Cross, Save the Children, World Vision and Oxfam appeals; you can also follow the DEC on Twitter for coordinated updates.