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Why are Social Media Companies so awful on Twitter?

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OK, let’s lay it out: this one’s going to be a rant. Mostly. There hasn’t been a rant for quite a while, and that’s a lot of keeping it in.


When is a Twitter hack not a Twitter hack?

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Just a quick one today on the lessons to be learned from this week’s reports on Jeremy Corbyn’s “hacked” twitter account.

As ever, the media were quick to throw around terms

UK Social Media Statistics for 2016

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NOTE – This post has been updated for 2017, find it here: UK Social Media Statistics for 2017

It’s that time again! Welcome to our fifth (yikes!) annual roundup of all

Losing followers on Social Media: when you should(n’t) worry

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It’s completely natural to use “how many followers / likers have we got?” as a key metric for evaluating how well your social media accounts are doing. We’d always recommend

How to override Facebook’s filters on your News Feed

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Today’s blog is going to be a very quick “How To”, for something we get asked about quite often: controlling what you see in your personal Facebook News Feed, and