Mixed picture for UK FTSE-100 companies on social media – and how it affects their share price

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Earlier this week, digital strategy and analytics agency Sociagility emailed us their latest benchmarking report. The report examines the activity of UK FTSE-100 corporates in social media, and finds some

How to spot a Twitter or Facebook hoax

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(Learning for today: “hoax” is one of those words that looks increasingly wrong, the longer you look at it. Go on, try it….see?!)

Hoax posts or tweets are increasingly common, and

Cadburys take gold for their Paralympic sponsorship on Twitter

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While pulling together some stats for a presentation this week, we couldn’t help but notice the meteoric rise of Cadbury’s Twitter account. Here are the latest figures from socialbakers.com looking

How your social media presence can shine in a PR crisis

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Last week’s massive network outage must’ve given mobile phone provider O2 a colossal headache. When something like that happens, it’s a perfect test of how well the company concerned has

Is it time to be more honest on social media?

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A report in the Telegraph today discusses how Twitter and Facebook has been found to increase anxiety and feelings of inadequacy amongst users.

If you’re active on social media either