UK social media statistics update

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Research firm Neilson has recently released a new set of figures around social media takeup and usage in the UK.

The headline is that social media in the UK continues to

UK Japan Tsunami relief: use your social media accounts to help – and to beat fraudsters

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It’s being reported today that fraudsters have jumped on the opportunity to take advantage of the world’s sympathy for the horrific events in Japan, with record speed.

Social media and other

What does #Iamspartacus tell us about Twitter?

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The case of the Yorkshire man who was arrested, heavily fined and eventually lost his job after an angry outburst on Twitter was highlighted again yesterday by an explosion (pun

If Barack’s doing it ….

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There are a number of scary things to consider when you enter the world of social media, and it’s enough to bring on an attack of shyness in the best

We hate being right all the time!

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New data shows that use of social media is increasing amongst SMEs in the US - UK will be next