#Kony2012: the latest viral phenomenon

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As we often say to our social media trainees, the “V” word is probably the most overused in digital marketing today – it’s a great aim to have, but only

UK social media statistics as we enter 2012

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Note: We have now published an updated version of this article, which you can find here: UK Social Media Statistics for 2013

As we come into a new year and many

40% of small businesses fail on social media response

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We couldn’t resist sharing this great infographic from Constant Contact, summarising the change in small businesses’ adoption of social media. It’s great to see the adoption rates continuing to rise,

How social media and ecommerce influences your Christmas shopping

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We’re definitely onto the countdown to Christmas now, even if we’re determined to ignore it until after 1st December at Rose McGrory Towers!

This beautiful infographic from Lab42 shows the effect

Recruiting social media skills – what does the UK market look like today?

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Businesses considering making the leap into professionally managed social media and SEO might be interested in this article from recruiters ReThink, reporting that salaries for digital and social media specialists