Is smart use of Facebook saving the Labour Party 90k per month?

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It’s not often that we’re grateful there’s a general election in the offing, but this week it’s provided an absolutely fantastic example of the power of Facebook, when it’s used

How to fail majestically at providing customer service on Twitter, courtesy of EasyJet

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I just got back from a trip to the South of France, and very lovely it was too, after the first 24 hours.

The trip there, though, was pretty much as

Finding your voice: Can a company ever be social?

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We’ve written before about the fact that the cultural challenges of addressing social media are, for most larger companies, far greater than the technical issues. This was something which came

In one image, why all hospitality venues should offer free WiFi NOW!

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In a bid for the shortest blog post ever, we bring you this. In a single image, all of the arguments we have over and over with hotels, tourist attractions

UK Social Media Statistics for 2014

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Note: The 2015 edition is now out, here: UK Social Media Statistics for 2015

Welcome to our third annual roundup of statistics for social media use in the UK.
The UK Social