There are a number of scary things to consider when you enter the world of social media, and it’s enough to bring on an attack of shyness in the best of us.

Learning the etiquette is one thing, then there are issues about being exposed as never before – what if someone says something negative about you? What have you got to say to others, and where do you say it?

I imagine that these concerns are heightened when you are the President of the United States and yet Barack Obama has truly embraced social media. In the run up to the US elections, the world witnessed Obama’s use of  multiple social media platforms working together to get his message out there and to engage voters. At the time of the election @BarackObama had 165,000 followers! Social media remains high on the President’s agenda – 25 agencies within the Federal Government have YouTube channels and The Library of Congress has posted thousands of photos on Flickr.

Sending your business into the social media world can feel daunting. You are sharing with the world. However, if the White House can open its doors, it shows that no matter how much is at stake, there is so much to gain.