It’s relatively tricky finding UK-specific information about social media stats and trends, but Experian Hitwise is an excellent source and recently released some very interesting findings around UK usage of Facebook.

Many of us think of Google as being *the* most ubiquitous site out there – the one that any given Mr or Mrs Average is likely to see in the course of their Average day. And of course, we all imagine the value to our businesses of getting a good position in those rankings.

So we’d admit to just a little surprise on finding that, by page views, Facebook is now the biggest website in the UK. Out of every six web pages being viewed by someone in the UK, one will be on Facebook. That really is phenomenal.

And, while the majority of those views are currently personal interactions – office in jokes, Alice and Sarah organising their Friday night out – the business side is just starting to take off. After all, who wouldn’t want to be where those massive audiences are? And while getting onto Google’s first page of search results might seem like a total black art, getting your business visible and active on Facebook is achievable for everyone.

We’re shortly going to start a series of “How To” guides with some pointers about the absolute basics of getting up and running with Facebook. In the meantime – if you’re there already – how are you finding it? And for those who aren’t, why not?