The Edinburgh Zoo penguin cam just goes to show that there is no business like snow business! (Sorry, had to be done!)

The snow’s adverse effect on business took no exception to Edinburgh Zoo when it had to close its gates to the public. However, a bit of social media savviness from the zoo’s marketing assistant meant that revenue lost in admission fees is likely to be outweighed in future profits from new visitors. This is due to the zoo’s penguins becoming an internet hit and receiving national news coverage.

A simple tweet sent out from @EdinburghZoo told everyone that although the zoo was shut, people could watch the penguins having fun in the snow through the web cam. The interest that followed led to Edinburgh Zoo trending worldwide, with a tweet linking to the web cam getting up to ten retweets a minute.

We love simple, effective examples like this that show social media in action. Every business has something that is of interest to others. Social media will let you get to those people quickly and easily. I bet we can find your equivalent to penguin cam!

To have a peek at the penguins click here.