Our quick guide to the some interesting articles we’ve seen this week.

Integrating Instagram into your social media strategy

Some helpful thoughts from Flowtown on how specifically smaller businesses might make use of Instagram. Provided you can cope with adding another channel into your mix, and have “on the ground” staff with the right mindset to produce engaging and relevant images, Instagram is well worth considering.

Facebook Reach continues to decline

Have you noticed that your Facebook post statistics are looking a bit poorly lately? We certainly have. Even taking the simple “X people saw this post” numbers which appear on each individual post, we’re seeing a fall of anything up to 70+ on the equivalent numbers from a few months back. This article from We Are Social has a lot of detailed data on the issue and some debate about what’s really going on here. As we noted earlier this week, Facebook have now launched a new option for Likers to see all of a page’s posts, but there’s no doubt that the task of getting your content in front of Likers has been getting harder recently.

Too wired to sleep?

An increasing number of us are connected to the internet almost round the clock, via our Smartphones. This is great for social media, but possibly less good for our mental and physical health. Mitch Joel’s piece on Sleeping with your Smartphone talks about the size of the problem and suggests we start observing better smartphone hygiene in bed!

And finally….

In this week’s silliest slot, a (presumed) Twitter addict appears to have named their baby Hashtag. We’re really, really hoping this is a spoof.